Our clients are sometimes our best advertising! The following are quotes from customers and/or people that have hunted over dogs trained at Backwater Cypress Retrievers.

“Boss, I have my hunting buds like wow, he went over 100 yards to get us a wounded duck!  It was unbelievable….. I said watch this next duck we kill.  I said “hold” and told buddy to hold out his hand, I said “drop” and he did!  Just thankful for your training!”

  • Grant Pryor on his dog, Cooper

“Chris is not only an excellent dog trainer, he is a top notch guy. I am extremely pleased with the training my dog received.”

  • Jason Pounders on his dog, Gus

I’ve known Chris since college and he’s always been a stand up guy. When I found out that he was training dogs I was all in. I bought Gus from one of Chris’s dogs litters and it was a natural fit to have Chris train him as well. I’ve been very pleased and impressed with the obedience and retrieval training Gus received while at Backwater Cypress Retrievers!”

  • Daryl Belden on his dog, Duke

“I am beyond thankful for the hard work Chris put into my dog, Gunner! Gunner started out going to a dog school for basic obedience training, but unfortunately, I was not pleased with his progress. In the short two month period, Chris was able to retrain Gunner to do basic commands and basic retrieval using positive reinforcement and not treats. I am amazed by the progress!”

  • Alexis Sweda on her dog, Gunner

“I have hunted many times over a dog trained by Chris.  His dogs work great, handle well, and are a blast to hunt with!  His dogs are steady and solid on multiple retrieves and retrieves in thick cover.  I highly recommend Backwater Cypress Retrievers!”

  • Doug Beard

“Dogs trained by Chris at Backwater Cypress Retrievers are great to hunt with!  They are well trained, obedient, and hunt hard.  Chris gets the most out of your dog, hands down!”

  • Brandon Scallion

“Chris had my springer spaniel for 1 month.  She was exactly 1 year old when he had her.  She went from not hardly being able to be on a leash to be great on a lead and not pulling and also walking at heel without a lead on.  She will sit and stay until commanded.  I can’t speak highly enough about Chris and his training.  Our dog is exponentially better since being with him.”

  • Jack Keith

“I sent my dog to Chris for a 4 month period. She is a black lab. When he got her, she did not have any obedience except for “sit”. She is also the most hard-headed dog I have ever seen. By the end of the 4th month, her obedience was where it needed to be. She is solid on hand signal, retrieving, and commands. She is ready to hunt now. I am very impressed with what Chris was able to do for my dog.”