Chris Yielding – Trainer




No matter what it is you need your retriever to be, Backwater Cypress Retrievers can help you achieve that.  Located in Lonoke County, Arkansas on 180 acres of fields, woods, and 3 ponds, Backwater Cypress Retrievers works tirelessly to get the most from our dogs.













Owner and trainer Chris Yielding has been training labs for years.  His love of the dogs shines through in his training and in how the dogs perform under his guidance.  His dogs hunt and train hard, are obedient, and love to retrieve.


Working on Casting Drill

Chris trains 6 days a week.  He builds each training session based on the previous training session, working to build up the dogs’ skills each session, but constantly reviewing and practicing previously learned skills.

What ever it is you are looking to get out of your dog, contact Chris and see what he can do for you to help get your dog where you need it to be!